Preview: Mapping Dreams The Art of Marc-Antoine Mathieu

3 June – 15 October 2017

Marc-Antoine Mathieu of France is considered one of the most innovative comic artists of the present day.

With peerless graphic brilliance and forceful creativity, he has continually redefined the medium of comic drawing, challenging his readers on a sophisticated level in the process. Ingeniously and playfully transgressing boundaries, he radically dismantles the customary conditions of our everyday surroundings to create surrealistic visions that merge dream and reality, inside and outside, omnipotence and impotence. Absolute interconnection, absolute knowledge or the existence of God? Mathieu answers all of these questions by freely associating things, modes of representation and languages. The exhibition Mapping Dreams will forge cross-media links with his textual art and allow visitors to take active part in an experiential tour.

Curator: David Beikirch