Invitation to exhibition opening
HOUSE OF NORWAY (11.10.2019 – 26.01.2020)
Thursday, 10 October, 7.30 pm

HOUSE OF NORWAY assembles outstanding examples of Norway’s art and culture, design, craftsmanship, and architecture that represent a creative exploration of a world in transition.

Highlights of this multi-facetted exhibition include graphic works by Edvard Munch that are exhibited for the time ever as well as a guest performance by the Sámi National Theatre Beaivváš. Featured are contemporary artists including Ingrid Torvund, Kari Steihaug, Britta Marakatt-Labba, Máret Ánne Sara and Jørn Are Keskitalo as well as designers such as Tone Vigeland, Regine Juhls, Grete Prytz Kittelsen and Peter Opsvik. Moreover, HOUSE OF NORWAY presents important examples of modern architects from Norway such as Sverre Fehn or Joar Nango, together with current trends in sustainable design, fashion and new Nordic cuisine.

The exhibition features works by:
Torbjørn Afdal, Heidi Bjørgan, Liv Blåvarp, Inger Blix Kvammen (KEVISELIE), Louise Bourgeois, Hans Brattrud, Birger Dahl, FFB art collective, Frank Ekeberg, Marit Eken Kalager, Andreas Engesvik, Sune Enoksson, Nikolaus Fankki, Sverre Fehn, Svein Flygari Johansen, Edda Gimnes, Sidsel Hanum, Per Heimly, Kjersti Johannessen, Willy Johansson, Regine Juhls, Jørn Are Keskitalo, Torbjørn Kvasbø, Petteri Laiti, Matt Lambert, Håvard Larsen, Jonas Mailand, Britta Marakatt-Labba, Kari Mølstad, Edvard Munch, Joar Nango, Peter Opsvik, Synnøve Persen, Grete Prytz Kittelsen, Hans Ragnar Mathisen, Johan Rist, Sámi National Theatre Beaivváš (SNTB), Guri Sandvik, Máret Ánne Sara, Ken Schluchtmann, Martin Solem, Kari Steihaug, Elisabeth Thorsen, Ingrid Torvund, Manuel Vadillo Benitez, Paolo Venini, Tone Vigeland, Jan Eric Wold Skevik and Peter Zumthor

We cordially invite you to the exhibition opening on Thursday, 10 October, at 7.30 pm.


H. E. Petter Ølberg
Ambassador, The Kingdom of Norway

Margit Walsø
Director, NORLA Norwegian Literature Abroad

Prof. Matthias Wagner K
Director, Museum Angewandte Kunst

The restaurant Emma Metzler will serve drinks and appetizers. Our Special Guest DJ Alex Azary (Museum of Modern Electronic Music, Frankfurt/Main) will accompany the evening with his special selection of current electronic music from Norway.

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