Create Education Programme

We call our museum education programme Create, because every participant can make something him/herself.

Every visitor brings an entire world of his/her own into the museum, and with it one of innumerable ways of looking at what is on display here.
Every person sees and feels differently and something different. Our education programmes accordingly offer our visitors opportunities to enter into dialogue with us about what they have seen and experienced here: dialogue about knowledge and non-knowledge, questions and possible answers, seeing and non-seeing.
One question is always at the fore: what do the objects have to do with me? When we explore the museum with this question in mind, we together discover the aspects that connect us with the exhibition themes and those themes with our everyday worlds.

Comprehensive information about our educational events and activities in English and other foreign languages is available.

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Film and Animation: Workshop


Program from July

01. July - 31. August 2020

On the first Sunday of every month, children get the chance to explore their five senses in the Museum Angewandte Kunst. The GestalterKids get to discover the world of applied art – with shapes, colours and things you can create yourself. As part of our digital content, the GestalterKids programme invites children to discover another part of the Museum’s collection from the comfort of their own home and to become creative themselves.

Information and instructions here

Public guided tour with the curator Dr. Mahret Ifeoma Kupka through the exhibition Life doesn’t frighten me. Michelle Elie wears Comme des Garçons.

Included in the entrance fee. Registration at or 069 212 38522.

Clothing covers our bodies in beautiful fabrics and materials that not only look good, but also keep us warm and protect us from looks and glances. Due to the countless cheap offers in the fashion industry, the true value of a garment is often forgotten. This workshop encourages us to extend the material life of a piece of clothing by redesigning it: Using our own creativity, we will bring an old sock back to life and protect our environment at the same time. Please all bring a sock to redesign.

Free workshop for families with children from 7 years. Registration under or 069 212 38522.