Create Education Programme

We call our museum education programme Create, because every participant can make something him/herself.

Every visitor brings an entire world of his/her own into the museum, and with it one of innumerable ways of looking at what is on display here. Every person sees and feels differently and something different. Our education programmes accordingly offer our visitors opportunities to enter into dialogue with us about what they have seen and experienced here: dialogue about knowledge and non-knowledge, questions and possible answers, seeing and non-seeing. One question is always at the fore: what do the objects have to do with me? When we explore the museum with this question in mind, we together discover the aspects that connect us with the exhibition themes and those themes with our everyday worlds.

Comprehensive information about our educational events and activities in English and other foreign languages is available.

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Film and Animation: Workshop


Program from Dezember

01. Dezember - 31. Dezember 2023

In times of social challenges, the cultural scene in Frankfurt is taking a stand against anti-Semitism. 85 years after the November pogroms of 1938, Jews in Frankfurt are once again fearing for their lives. We are horrified to see that the massacre on October 7 and the terrorist attack by Hamas have become the trigger for ongoing anti-Semitic propaganda and violence worldwide, including in Germany.

As cultural leaders in Frankfurt / Rhine-Main, we do not want to remain silent about this. We acknowledge our historical responsibility. We stand up and take a stand: In everyday life, at work, in our circle of friends, in clubs and communities. We raise our voices against anti-Semitism. We stand protectively by the side of Jews. Those who attack them attack us. Our solidarity transcends religious and cultural boundaries.

As a sign of this, we are calling for a chain of lights, supported by the Department of Culture and Science of the City of Frankfurt. Because:

Never again is now!
We will meet on Sunday, December 10, preferably with our own candles.

Between the Iron Footbridge and Ignatz Bubis Bridge (riverside path on the inner city side of the Main)

Start: 6 p.m., end: 6.30 p.m.

Without registration. Included in the price of admission.

Without registration. Included in the price of admission.