Guided Tours

We offer public guided tours with expert guides or curators of all exhibitions in German, unless otherwise noted. Private tours in French or English are available upon prior request. Our public tours are designed to be interactive, actively involving the visitor and his or her perspectives and experiences.

Objects of applied art are our cultural memory, which is realized differently depending on how each visitor views and appropriates these. Each visitor places the objects in his or her own personal frame of reference and experience. How do these things speak to me, what do they tell me? And what memories do they trigger in me?

Current hygiene and distancing measures:

  • Visitors are requested to register via Create: After the successful registration, you will receive a booking confirmation and will be listed along with the required information.
  • Remaining slots can be booked at the Museum's ticket desk (subject to short term availability).
  • Please report to the ticket desk at least 15 minutes before the tour begins. Reserved places of people who have not appeared up to 15 minutes before the start of the tour will be reassigned.
  • All participants who have not previously registered via Create with the necessary details must register themselves at the ticket desk with their name, address, telephone number and time of arrival using the provided contact form. This information will be stored and, in case of no reportable incident, destroyed after four weeks.
  • The meeting point for the guided tours is located behind the ticket desk in the lobby.
  • Visitors may bring their own headphones to use the radio guided tour systems.

Current Dates for Guided Tours


Der Ausdruck Ashik geht auf das 13. Jahrhundert zurück und bedeutet Liebe oder Liebeskummer. Ashiks sind volkstümliche Poet:innen, die durch Anatolien reisen, ihre Gedichte singen und verbreiten. Die Bezeichnung steht ebenso für das Selbst und einen Weg, mit Problemen und Gefühlen im Moment umzugehen. In der mündlichen Überlieferung heißt es: Worte in Bewegung. Viele dieser Dichter:innen waren zwei- oder mehrsprachig und repräsentieren somit die ethnisch vielfältige Region des östlichen Anatoliens.

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