亞歐堂 meet asian art The Colour of Jade and Eternity. 2500 Years of Chinese Celadon Ceramics

14 June 2018 - 13 January 2019

To the Chinese, jade has always been more valuable than silver or gold. In Chinese culture the precious stone with the milky grey-green lustre is seen as a symbol of long life and immortality. The high regard for this material explains the enduring popularity of jade-coloured pottery glazes in China ever since the first millennium BC.

Starting in June 2018, the Museum Angewandte Kunst will be showing a selection of celadon pottery in its meet asian art exhibition and event forum. With pieces produced over a period of two and a half thousand years, this cabinet exhibition will bear impressive witness to the skilful craftsmanship of Chinese potters who used simple, elegant shapes and the unique colour of jade to create objects of great expressive power.

Curator: Dr Stephan von der Schulenburg


Im Rahmenprogramm zur aktuellen Kabinettausstellung Die Farbe von Jade und Ewigkeit. Chinesische Seladon-Keramik aus zweieinhalb Jahrtausenden lädt das Museum Angewandte Kunst zu einem Studientag ein. In Vorträgen und Diskussionen stellen internationale Expertinnen und Experten verschiedene Aspekte der Seladon-Keramik vor.
Teilnahmegebühr 20 Euro zzgl. Museumseintritt (12 Euro, 6 Euro ermäßigt). Um Anmeldung wird gebeten: create.angewandte-kunst@stadt-frankfurt.de

Lecture in English by KOO Siu-Ling
Industrial Design with Celadon ceramics

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