Team Museum Angewandte Kunst

Prof. Matthias Wagner K, Director

Grit Weber, Deputy Director, Curator of Design, Art and the Media

Sandra Schwarz, Director’s Office

David Beikirch, Exhibition Director

Marcel Bode, Technical Support and Security Administrator

Annie Buenker, Marketing and Communication

Christian Dressen, Conservator (FH)

Michael Frenz, Technical Support

Thomas Funk, Technical Manager

Ralf Gehner, Technical Support

Claudia Hohmann, Library

Sabine Huth, Project Manager

Prof. Dr. Klaus Klemp, Guest Curator Design, Dieter Rams Archive

Tilo Kohl, Technical Support

Isabelle Kollig, Registrar

Jasmin Kress, Art Director

Ute Kunze, Archive

Dr. Mahret Kupka, Curator of Fashion, Body and Performance

Dr. Eva Linhart, Curator of Book Art and Graphics

Dorothee Maas, Head of Communication

Natali-Lina Pitzer, Social Media

Anna Richter, Online Editor

Simone Richter, Head of Education

Kathrin Röttger, Conservator, M.A.

Dr. Sabine Runde, Senior Custodian, Curator of Applied Art from the Middle Ages to the Present

Natalie Graf-Schwab, Administration

Dr. Stephan, Graf v. d. Schulenburg, Curator of the Asian Collection

Annika Sellmann, Trainee, Junior Curator

Ann-Katrin Spieß, Trainee, Create

Sarah Stackelbeck, Cultural Services Volunteer, Create

Monika Wagener, Assistance

Dr. Katharina Weiler, Provenance Research

Stanislav Yakushev, Caretaker

Natalia Zajic, Cultural Services Volunteer, Create

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F +49 69 212 30703
Adriana Nemtanu

Security and Service
T +49 69 212 38534
F +49 69 212 30703,
Gabriele Rodino, Simon Lange