Ingrid Godon. I wish Open House

26 February to 15 March 2020

© Ingrid Godon, from the book "I Must"

In a time of rapid technological change, in a world of advancing populism, of trials and tribulations between lies and revelations, and the fear of wars and climate catastrophes, the potential inherent in the individual wish deserves all the more attention. For the change of grievances does not begin with acquired knowledge and certain skillsets, but first and foremost with the desire to change something. For this reason, the Museum Angewandte Kunst invited visitors to the exhibition Ingrid Godon. I wish and thereby enter a space of possibility that not only bears the potential to reflect on one’s own wishes, but above all creates atmospheres for events and processes that encouraged discussion and self-determination.

The selected illustrations by the internationally renowned artist Ingrid Godon served as the starting point for this reflection. Together with texts by award-winning poet Toon Tellegen, Godon’s images of the faces of serious children, wistful men and thoughtful women opened a door for our imagination. For the entire duration of the exhibition, the site-specific sound installation sound 48H silence by d.o.o.r (Oona Kastner and Dirk Raulf) transformed the architecture of the Museum into a sound body itself, culminating in a 48-hour live performance with well-known international musicians on the last weekend of the exhibition.

Between the wall illustrations and originals by the Belgian artist, a diverse range of sounds, music, performances and workshops invited visitors to explore, linger and wander. The entire Museum was transformed into a lively and pulsating, but also quiet and contemplative Open House. El Barrio offered concerts, live sets, selected menus, a pop-up cinema and a bar landscape. The Museum’s Create department invited you to performances in the fields of dance and spoken word as well as workshops from different educational institutions such as the Bildungsstätte Anne Frank.

Curator: Thomas Linden

Curator Ingrid Godon. I wish: Thomas Linden

Sound installation sound 48H silence and 48-hour live performance: d.o.o.r (Oona Kastner and Dirk Raulf)

Music, performance and workshop program: El Barrio (a cooperation between Amp, Emma Metzler, Jazz Montez e.V. and NONOT) and Create (Education Department, Museum Angewandte Kunst)

sound 48H silence
d.o.o.r (Oona Kastner und Dirk Raulf)
Sound installation during the entire duration of the exhibition and 48-hour live performance from Friday, 13 March, 8 pm until Sunday, 15 March, 8 pm.

With Tiziana Bertoncini (Vienna), violin; Sylvia Hallett (London), bowed saw / bicycle wheel / violin; Patrick Higgins (New York), guitar; Oona Kastner (Bielefeld), voice/piano/electronics; Okkyung Lee (New York), cello; Thomas Lehn (Vienna), analogue synthesizer; Lê Quan Ninh (Saint-Silvain-sous-Toulx), percussion; Kaffe Matthews (Berlin), electronics; Billy Roisz (Wien), electronics/e-bass; SEC_ (Naples), magnetic tapes; Philip Zoubek (Cologne), prepared piano; Dirk Raulf (Cologne), reeds/Laptop

Concerts, live sets, workshops, and dinner events presented by EL BARRIO (an inititiave by Amp, Emma Metzler, Jazz Montez e.V., and NONOT):
Aziesch (Frankfurt), Ensemble Modern feat. Jan Bang (Frankfurt), Lena Willikens (Köln/Düsseldorf), MCR-T (Berlin), Mmodemm (Frankfurt), Moritz von Oswald (Hamburg), Neue Grafik Ensemble (London), Ouri (Montreal), PR17 (Leipzig), Sedef Adasi (Augsburg), Sofia Portanet (Berlin), Suzanne Ciani (New York / San Francisco), Tama Sumo (Berlin), Tolouse Low Trax (Düsseldorf), Wolfram (Wien), Yacht (Los Angeles), and many more.

Pop-up bar by with Kinly Bar (Frankfurt), Schumann‘s Bar (Munich), Emma Metzler Guest House in the Museum together with Anton de Bruyn (Frankfurt), Dennis Aukili (Frankfurt) and Paul Schmiel (Mainz).

Create, Education department in the Museum Angewandte Kunst
Spoken-Word performance with Team Scheller (Dalibor Markovic and Dominique Macri); opencreek performance & shownight; dance- and performance workshop with Elisabeth Schilling; workshops by the Bildungsstätte Anne Frank e.V.

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