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Invitation to the next public icon evening at the Icon Museum on the topic “Not only at Christmas time – new additions to Christmas icons” on Wednesday, 18.1.23, from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm (in German)

Frankfurt Icon Museum, Brückenstraße 3-7, 60594 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
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After more than a year of alterations and renovations, the Icon Museum in Frankfurt am Main is reopening with an entirely new exhibition space and concept. Under the direction of Prof. Matthias Wagner K and the curatorial leadership of Dr des. Konstanze Runge, who has held the position since September 2019, the museum places the relationship between people and icons at the centre of focus in its completely renewed exhibition.

Following extensive conservation and restoration measures, the 130 selected icons and religious objects reveal an entirely fresh magnificence. At the same time, the rather typical traces of use were carefully conserved as a sign of the relationship between people and their icons. The icons are presented mostly without glass and at eye level. It is mainly the valuable and metal icons as well as small objects that are protected by glass and showcases.

In a city with more than 14 Orthodox Christian churches and characterised by rich cultural diversity, the Icon Museum wishes not only to be a place for the preservation of cultural heritage, but also to be a space of encounter to which all are invited and which contributes to a successful coexistence of peoples from different cultural, religious and non-religious backgrounds.

As of now, the Icon Museum in Frankfurt has a free smartphone app that allows visitors to get to know the contents of the exhibition digitally in German, English and Russian. The heart of the app is the multimedia guide. Here, users can listen to audio contributions and read texts that refer to different contents and icons.

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Press Release

Press Conference Reopening of the Icon Museum (in German)

The digital press conference from 4 March, 2021 with the speakers:

Dr. Ina Hartwig
Head of the Cultural Department of the City of Frankfurt am Main

Prof. Matthias Wagner K
Icon Museum Frankfurt
Museum Angewandte Kunst

Dr. Konstanze Runge
Head Curator and Custodian
Icon Museum Frankfurt

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