Things we collect

25 November 2023 – 7 April 2024

From banal everyday objects such as colorful dishwashing sponges, banana stickers from all over the world, disposable cutlery and bicycles to neon signs from well-known brands: With the exhibition Things we collect, the museum asks designers from the greater Frankfurt am Main area what they collect privately and why.

In addition to the collections of objects on display, visitors can read the stories of the various designers in the exhibition, in which they talk about the origins of their private collections in different ways. The objects have different meanings for the collectors: They can be time capsules, life companions, memory bearers or simply a spontaneous discovery. Collecting therefore not only poses the question of how to deal with objects, but is rather a communication system, a system of signs, a social language.
The exhibition explores the connections between design and collecting. The exhibition explores the connections between design and collecting. What do designers collect who analyze objects in terms of form, material, function, processing and social or historical contexts within their profession? The “We” in the exhibition title emphasizes the connection between designers and museums. The aim is to address the contexts, backgrounds and motivations of collecting and enable contextualization beyond the museum. The exhibition explores the various aspects of collecting, from the private sphere to cultural practice: What can be discovered about collecting? What can be shared?

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