Unblock Gaudi Digitale Art via Blockchain

26. May – 24. July 2022

Press Preview / Opening: 25. May 2022, 6 pm

© Laurence Fuller, Daniel Martin, Santiago Pani

NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens, are non-exchangeable digital certificates of ownership that certify the uniqueness and authenticity of the associated files. They are recorded on a blockchain, a so-called infinitely extensible data chain. Storing the NFT on the blockchain makes it unique and unmodifiable. Anything that can be digitized, such as a tweet, a painting or a GIF, can become an NFT. With the beginning of the COVID pandemic, this type of digital art garnered a lot of attention. While museums and galleries were closed and art fairs were canceled, anyone was able to engage in this art form from the comfort of their own home or from anywhere else in the world, with no access restrictions – whether in the form of producing their own work, having a visual experience, or making a purchase. Since then NFTs have been gaining more and more supporters worldwide.

The exhibition and accompanying series of events Unblock Gaudi. Digital Art via Blockchain explores the significance of blockchains and their practical applications. What is a blockchain? What are NFTs? How does crypto currency work? And how are products and objects by artists distributed digitally? These and other questions are examined in the exhibition and in the form of lectures. There will also be workshops to put the acquired knowledge into practice. Blockchain technology holds the potential to change our society fundamentally and is already revolutionizing various markets as well as the structure of digital interactions. The aim of the project is thus to familiarize interested visitors with the technology and to discuss its effects on democratic processes and structures. The exhibition features artworks from various fields of digital art including generative art, motion design art, Al-generated art, GIFs, new recording techniques, and storytelling. In line with the ongoing events, the digital artworks will change over the course of the exhibition. Unblock Gaudi. Digital Art via Blockchain is a cooperation with Netzwerk Gaudi and Unblock.Gallery.

Project management: Tuan Khanh Hoang Nguyen, Paulo Perez and Jascha Tutt

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