Theater der Welt 2023 Frankfurt-Offenbach

29 June – 16 July

Tickets for the festival can be purchased conveniently online at theaterderwelt.de.

Germany’s most important international theater festival is returning to the Frankfurt Rhine-Main region after almost 40 years and will showcase fascinating theater, dance, performance and installation art formats from June 29 to July 16, 2023.

The 16th edition of the festival will take place from 29 June to 16 July 2023 in Frankfurt and Offenbach – initiated, organised and implemented by the three Frankfurt cultural institutions Künstler*innenhaus Mousonturm, Museum Angewandte Kunst and Schauspiel Frankfurt, as well as the Amt für Kulturmangement der Stadt Offenbach (Offenbach Council Office for Cultural Management) as associated partner. Program director and Japanese festival organizer Chiaki Soma’s curatorial concept responds to current events in Europe and the world.

Premieres, guest performances, innovative, experimental, small fine, large loud, thoughtful, stirring images and experiences are brought to Offenbach and Frankfurt with Theater der Welt 2023. Participative city projects with participants from Frankfurt and Offenbach provide a special kind of connection between the two cities, the participants and the spectators.

For Theater der Welt, the Museum Angewandte Kunst – one of the festival’s central meeting points – will be transformed into an Incubation Pod, a kind of giant incubation capsule. Here you can experience interactive installations, virtual realities, performances, workshops, and talks that each draw on aspects of the idea of incubationism in their own individual ways, stimulating thoughts and dreams. On two weekends, the museum will stay open late into the night in order to offer extended, somnambulant visits to the various artistic environments inhabiting the Incubation Pod.

Theater der Welt Festival program

Program at the Museum Angewandte Kunst

Sister or He Buried the Body
Trajal Harrell
Zurich | Athens

© Orpheas Emirzas

Trajal Harrell’s solo combines voguing with butoh and a sitting dance of hand gestures, focusing on the body as a vessel for memories, the past, and figures from the history of dance.

Friday, 30.6., Saturday 1.7.
Duration: ca. 30 Min.
Without language

Saodat Ismailova
Tashkent | Paris

© Carlos Casas

With individual and personal recollections that merge into collective and historical memory, “Zukhra”– inspired by an ancient legend – touches on issues of grief, the dissolution of boundaries, and the history of women’s emancipation in Central Asia.

Friday, 30.6. to Sunday, 16.7.
(except Mondays)
Languages: German and English text

Palu Ángel Taizōkai
London | Berlin

© Keiken

This interactive installation combines two immersive, meditative VR works by the collective Keiken: in “Bet(a) Bodies” and “Taizōkai” we plunge into speculative forms of existence in order to explore new spaces of perception and consciousness.

Friday, 30.6. to Sunday, 16.7.
(except Mondays)
Language: English.

Echo’s Chamber – World premiere
Boogaert/VanderSchoot (BvdS)

© Boogaerdt/VanderSchoot

Far beyond empty echo chambers and algorithms, this ritual-like encounter listens in on the sounds and vibrations of the body, and explores realms of possibility where we can enter a richly complex interaction with the multiplicity of the world.

Friday, 30.6. to Sunday, 16.7.
(except Mondays)
Language: English.

Performing Acupuncture – European premiere
Aya Momose

© Shun Sato

After physical intimacy and touch became taboo in parts of the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, this tactile, participatory performance boldly explores contact through acupuncture needles.

Friday, 30.6. to Sunday, 16.7.
(except Mondays)
Languages: English and German

Jokanaan – European premiere
Aya Momose

© ToLoLo studio

A man moves his mouth and body to an aria from the opera “Salome”. Next to him, his movements are digitized in a computer-generated female figure. How and where can human emotions be located here?

Friday, 30.6. to Sunday, 16.7.
(except Mondays)
Languages: German with German and English subtitles.

Social Dance
Aya Momose

© Aya Momose

Upset, a woman is talking to her ex-partner through sign language. Her hands are the focus. Aya Momose’s documentary video work is based on the language and the personal experiences of a Deaf female dancer.

Friday 30.6. to Sunday 16.7.
(except Mondays)
Languages: German and English subtitles.

Prometheus Unbound – European premiere
Meiro Koizumi

© Meiro Koizumi

Virtual bodies, whispers, dreams and nightmares of humans who were held in limbo between the systems during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their avatars hover in the space through which the audience moves creating a VR sculpture.

Friday 30.6. to Sunday 16.7.
(except Mondays)
Languages: Japanese with German or English translation.

Prometheus the Fire-bringer – European premiere
Meiro Koizumi | Yokohama

© Meiro Koizumi, Annet Gelink Gallery (Amsterdam), MUJIN-TO Production (Tokyo), Arts Commons Tokyo

If human bodies and minds are altered by genetic engineering, how will that affect our instincts? In the final chapter of his Prometheus VR Trilogy, Meiro Koizumi takes us on a remarkable journey to discover a “new fire”.

Wednesday 5.7. to Sunday 9.7.
Metzlerpark, Frankfurt
Duration: ca. 30 min.
Languages: German or English

Die Werkstatt
El Warcha

© Nao Maltese I Pragma Studio

“Die Werkstatt” is a collectively designed installation built from recycled materials. An imaginative playground, a sticky space and relaxation area that has been built and designed with young people.

Friday 30.6. to Sunday 16.7.
(except Mondays)
For children, teenagers and adults
Admission free

Die Werkstatt Bauen
El Warcha

© Nao Maltese I Pragma Studio

Gemeinsam mit dem Künstler:innen kollektiv El Warcha bauen und gestalten wir einen Raum nach unseren Bedürfnissen und lassen mitten im Museum Angewandte Kunst eine Werkstatt entstehen, die Naherholungsgebiet und Abenteuerspielplatz zugleich sein kann!

Tuesday 20.6., Thursday 22.6., Tuesday 27.6., Wednesday 28.6.
Each 11 am to 12.30 pm or 3.30 pm to 5 pm.
For all from 12 years, offer for school classes and youth groups
Info + free registration: jungewelten@theaterderwelt.de

El Warcha Werkstatt