The Weather Diaries 3rd Nordic Fashion Biennale

22 March - 21 September 2014

In 2014, Frankfurt am Main followed in the footsteps Reykjavik and Seattle as host to the 3rd Nordic Fashion Biennale introducing young-generation fashion-makers and established designers from Greenland, Iceland and the Faröe Islands.

In addition to the designs themselves, the focus of the presentation was on the designers’ concepts and sources of inspiration, manifest in works carried out especially for the Frankfurt show. What does it mean to be a designer in a place that feels so far removed from the Western metropolises with their continually changing fashions? What does sustainability mean in this context? What role does the preservation of cultural heritage play in the creative work currently being carried out?

The Weather Diaries immersed itself in the worlds of the designers of the far North, using clothing, three-dimensional objects and photography to tell stories about fashion and its function as an expression of cultural identity off the beaten track in a region dominated by the weather.

Mundi (IS), STEiNUNN (IS), JÖR by Guðmundur Jörundsson (IS), Kría (IS), Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir a.k.a. Shoplifter (IS), Guðrun & Guðrun (FOE), Barbara I Gongini (FOE), Rammatik (FOE), Bibi Chemnitz (GL), Najannguaq Lennert (GL), Nikolaj Kristensen (GL) und Jessie Kleemann (GL)

Organized by
the Nordic House Iceland in cooperation with the Museum Angewandte Kunst

Curators: Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer
Exhibition director: Mahret Kupka

The exhibition is being realized with kind support from Kultur Kontakt Nord, the Nordic House of the Faroe Islands, the NAPA Institute in Greenland, the Icelandic Ministry of Culture, the Nordisk Kulturfond, the Swedish Arts Council, the Icelandic Embassy in Berlin and the Department of Culture of the City of Frankfurt.