Depot Show Happiness and Promise. 99 Pieces from the Collections and a Short Film Programme

17 February to 10 April 2016

Happiness – what a big word. But what exactly is happiness? A feeling, a goal in life, a utopian idea, or mere coincidence after all?

The term is as multifaceted as the activities people undertake in pursuit of a state of happiness: some strive for wealth and material assets while others concentrate exclusively on the spiritual. Many relegate all desire for happiness to the future, or even to life after death. Or is happiness consummated solely in ecstatic love?

The search in the storerooms of the Museum Angewandte Kunst has brought artefacts to light that testify to the striving for a happy life: a centrepiece in the form of a temple of love, drinking glasses pointing to the enjoyment of alcoholic beverages in good company, or a little one-cent coin from the first country in the world to include the pursuit of happiness in its constitution.

Curator: Grit Weber

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