ANETTE LENZ à propos

2 July 2020 – 16 May 2021

© Anette Lenz

The German graphic designer Anette Lenz, who lives in Paris, is one of the most influential designers of the present day. Out of a distrust towards commercial advertising, she has developed new strategies for visual communication in the public space. Her at times anarchic, always passionate and experimental play with typography, colour as well as photography and film resulted in extraordinary poster sequences, books, exhibition designs and the visual identities of several French cities, theatres and museums. In a communication world still dominated by men and determined by economic factors, she has always trusted in her own distinctiveness, making her a pioneer of a new generation of female graphic designers.

In her first large-scale exhibition in Germany, Anette Lenz contextualized, ironized and commented on her own attitude towards life. Her works transformed the Museum spaces into immersive graphic worlds that turn visual communication into a sensual poetic and thought-provoking experience. Her works did not transform us into consumers, but allowed us to partake in graphic design’s inventiveness and power of expression.