Elementary Parts From the Collections

Permanent Presentation

For the first time since its reopening in April 2013, in a presentation entitled Elementary Parts: From the Collections, the Museum Angewandte Kunst is now featuring a permanent show with approximately seventy-five selected objects from all of the museum’s collections.

The latter comprise rich holdings of craftwork from Eastern Asia, Islamic art, design, graphic art and book art spanning some five millennia and originating in different parts of the world. By international standards, these collections stand out especially by virtue of the superb quality of their individual works, as well as their overall heterogeneity.

With its uncompromising juxtapositions of disparate things, the presentation guarantees impartial insights into the core of the collection, the museum’s heart chamber, as it were.

It shows its objects in a primal state, before thematic classification of any kind, as elementary parts of which each speaks on behalf of its own potential.
In their entirety, they embody a reservoir of ever new reflections and all the many possible themes of current and future exhibitions. In the presentation Elementary Parts: From the Collections, the Museum Angewandte Kunst is exposing its curatorial praxis to view, offering its visitors an opportunity to re-encounter familiar objects and make new discoveries.

Objects selected by:
Dr. Eva Linhart, Prof. Dr. Klaus Klemp, Dr. Mahret Kupka, Dr. Sabine Runde, Dr. Stephan von der Schulenburg, Prof. Matthias Wagner K and Grit Weber and members of the Kunstgewerbevereins Frankfurt am Main e. V.

Exhibition architecture:
Prof. Matthias Wagner K

New Works in the Presentation

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The Frankfurt Kitchen

It changed the concept of home living and is considered a prototype of the modern fitted kitchen: the “Frankfurt Kitchen”, designed by Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky. Following careful restoration measures, an example of the legendary kitchen has now made its way into Elementary Parts: From the Collections, a permanent exhibition of Frankfurt’s Museum Angewandte Kunst.

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