New Museum for Bees

From 18 August 2020

Foto/Photo: Christoph Boeckheler © Museum Angewandte Kunst

In the spring of 2019, the Frankfurt-based artist group finger settled seven bee colonies in the garden of the Museum Angewandte Kunst. Florian Haas and Andreas Wolf have designed exhibition spaces for the new park residents that deal with social and ecological issues.

The exhibition New Museum for Bees now offers the opportunity to visit the exhibition rooms on the second floor of the Museum. In addition, documentary photographs of other stations of the New Museum for Bees and a graphic pollen analysis of the Museum’s own honey are on display.

With their exhibition rooms made of acrylic glass, the artist group finger documents the manifold connecting lines and reciprocal relationship between bees and humans, and makes visible the importance of bees within a globalized society.

With their New Museum for Bees, Florian Haas and Andreas Wolf follow the tradition of sculptural beehives. Beehives, the dwellings of bees, become pedestals for one exhibition space each. Several exhibition rooms on different themes form the Museum for bees.

During the guided tours to the beehives on the east side of the museum, which normally take place in spring and summer, the exhibition rooms are placed on the beehives so that the bees can “walk” or fly around in them. For the human visitors, who can look into the acrylic glass rooms from the outside, this results in interesting perspectives. Due to the Corona pandemic, the guided tours had to be suspended this year. In the meantime, the new exhibition allows the visitors to look at the exhibition rooms without the bee visitors.

The particularly aromatic honey from the city apiary finger at the Museum Angewandte Kunst can be purchased at the museum cash desk and in the Restaurant Emma Metzler (per 125ml glass, 3,50 Euros).

Curator: Julia Psilitelis

Foto/Photo: Christoph Boeckheler © Museum Angewandte Kunst