The Museum Angewandte Kunst is open again from 26 May!

Foto/Photo: Norbert Miguletz

To ensure the safety of all visitors and staff, safety and hygiene measures to contain the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus continue to apply.

The exhibition space of the Museum Angewandte Kunst is large enough that registration is possible directly on site at the cash desk. The visit requires compliance with the hygiene concept and requires the completion of an entry form for contact tracking on site. The data transfer can also be done via the Luca app. A QR code is available for this purpose.

As a further option, you can book a 1.5 hour slot and fill out a contact tracking capture sheet here:

Safety and hygiene measures to contain the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

  • Wearing a medical mouth and nose protecting mask is mandatory. Children under six years of age and persons with a medical report are exempt from this requirement.
  • Maintaining a minimum distance of 1.5 metres to other visitors is compulsory.
  • Personal close contact should be avoided (e.g. shaking hands/hugging) and the hygiene measures are to be complied with (washing hands, coughing and sneezing etiquette). Disinfectants are available for visitors.
  • The elevator may be used by max. 2 people at the same time.
  • A maximum of one person per 10 square metres of floor space accessible to the public is admitted to the museum, i.e. a maximum of 150 people in total.
  • The instructions of the security personnel must be followed. In the event of violations, the staff reserves the right to expel persons from the museum grounds for the protection of others.