From Today’s Perspective Discourses on the Future

24 April – 4 July 2021

Gestaltung/Design: Jonas Deuter, Anna Sukhova

In 2020 the University of Art and Design in Offenbach am Main celebrated its fiftieth anniversary as the state art university of Hesse. To mark this occasion the university developed the exhibition From Today’s Perspective. Discourses on the Future in collaboration with the Museum Angewandte Kunst.

The exhibition not only engages with the contemporary challenges posed by current technological and socio-economic developments but also looks ahead—towards an uncertain future that can potentially be shaped by artistic and design-based approaches and joint commitment. Various media are used to activate the space, which is dedicated to activating the opportunities that lie between today and tomorrow. The exhibition plays out unrealistic visions, which although seemingly doomed to failure nevertheless have t he capacity to bring forth new worlds; it intellectually cracks open habitual structures in order to break paths to new institutions and discussions; it frames the experiment of making sustainability a matter of daily routine and investigates the zeitgeist.

Conceived by the students and faculty of the university, the exhibition consists of three complementary modules: the museum space and displays, a digital platform, and a program of events. Installations, sculptures and objects, animations and films, perfor mances, graphic design, product design, painting and drawing, and sound and text are presented in these different modules.

The conceptual starting point for the exhibition was the seminar Curating and Criticism lead by Prof. Matthias Wagner K.

Curatorial Team: Beatrice Bianchini, Irina Denkmann, Jonas Deuter, Ulrike Grünewald, Sebastian Hahn, Felix
Kosok, Erika Sacco, Maria Sitte, Anna Sukhova, Ellen Wagner, Matthias Wagner K

The exhibition is supported by the Dr. Marschner Foundation.

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