Tokyo Art Directors Club Award 2013

10 April - 17 August 2014

For the third time already, the Museum Angewandte Kunst was one of the few venues outside Japan to present the best of the works distinguished by the “Tokyo Art Directors Club Award”.

As a driving force in the world of Japanese advertising and design for more than sixty years, the Tokyo Art Directors Club (ADC) stands for excellence in communication design. The “club” consists of seventy-six leading art directors who honour only entries of the highest quality in their annual competition. The design of the human environment has always played a special role in Japan.

The Japanese ADC accordingly serves worldwide as a reference framework for visual communication. In such widely diverse areas as poster, newspaper and magazine advertising, editorial design, corporate identity, symbols and logos, packaging and commercials, Japanese communication design is characterized by tremendous ingenuity and inspires designers all over the globe. Carried out in close coordination with the Tokyo ADC, the selection for the show in Frankfurt conveyed an authentic impression of Japan’s current design scene.

Prof Dr Klaus Klemp in collaboration with the Tokyo ADC