E.R. Nele Contemporary Witness

24 September 2022 – 1 January 2023

Model for Brain - large sculpture Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, around 2004, E. R. Nele

In E. R. Nele’s work there is manifested a very versatile array of talents and she is spoken of as one of the most versatile artists and designers. She designed and created furniture, jewellery and even cutlery sets and it always seems as though all these objects, and each one independently, presented yet another sculptural possibility for her. What becomes evident and can be summed up as the quintessence of E. R. Nele’s oeuvre is that everything she creates is determined by a correlative interplay between floor and wall pieces, and autonomous objects within the given space. Designing lamps and domestic interiors has to do with creating emotions, at least for E. R. Nele. The way in which she continues to showcase the human figure as the central theme of her work is equally emotional. The figural motif undeniably dominates her lifework, mostly implemented in metal, but always with reference to the psychological and physical vulnerability of humans. For all these reasons, the Museum Angewandte Kunst is putting on a studio exhibition in celebration of E.R. Nele’s 90th birthday.

Curator: Prof Matthias Wagner K