Program from Mai

01. Mai - 31. Mai 2024

Yang Jiechang, who has lived in Paris since 1988, is one of the most famous contemporary Chinese artists. Originally from Foshan in Guangdong province, Yang received classical training in painting and calligraphy from a young age. His art, which has attracted worldwide attention, moves between painting, installation, video, performance and sculpture. In his lecture, Yang will talk about contemporary forms of expression in ink painting. Yang does not see himself as a traditional Chinese artist, but rather as a contemporary, artistically active scholar. He emphasizes not only the use of the brush, but also a kind of pragmatic spirituality that is anchored in the here and now. Yang Jiechang was already a guest at the Museum für Kunsthandwerk (now the Museum Angewandte Kunst) in 1993 as part of the exhibition Mao’s Untamed Children.